Anti-Trump CEO Gifts Firm, Starts New Political Organization

Albuquerque, New Mexico (companies21) January 19, 2017 - Matt Blanchfield, the CEO of the New Mexico-based Internet marketing firm, 1st In SEO, has decided to leave the company after experiencing a backlash against his taking a stand against President-elect Donald Trump and his supporters.

However, Blanchfield hasn't backed away from his opposition to the billionaire businessman and his policies and has started a new political organization,

The controversy started for the New Mexico businessman, when he penned a letter that appeared on his company website titled: Trump Supporters' Client Accounts Canceled.

In it, he said "1st In SEO will no longer do business with any person that is a registered Republican or supports Donald Trump" calling the President-elect a racist, fascist and sexist. When the story got picked up locally, nationally and internationally, the backlash against Blanchfield and his family was severe. He points to the consequences of appearing on national television on the Fox network.

"I appeared on the Carlson Tucker show and got tens of thousands of hate messages and threats afterwards," he said.

Although there have been accusations leveled at Blanchfield that the move was a carefully orchestrated manipulation of the media to advance over the competition in all-important Internet page rankings, he says his recent decision to leave the firm and gift it to an anonymous disabled army veteran and firefighter prove otherwise.

"I didn't take a stance against Donald Trump to profit financially and wanted to prove that by gifting 1st In SEO to personal friends, Blanchfield said. 1st In SEO now has a waiting list of new clients as a result of the international attention it received from Blanchfield's stance against Trump. The new owners wish to remain anonymous out of concern for their safety but will do business with anyone who denounces hate, racism, sexism, bigotry, xenophobia and homophobia including Trump supporters and Republicans.

Blanchfield has turned his attention to a new endeavor,, a political organization he started to give writers and members of the general public a platform to express personal experiences and views. The website will also promote anti-Trump information, news and methods of resistance.


We at view it as our civic duty to resist an illegitimate and unjust Trump presidency. Trump represents and espouses a poorly cloaked institutional slide from deteriorating democracy into corporatized fascism in America. the existence of America as we know it.

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