Montreal Long Distance Provider 1010 103 Lowers Phone Rates to Call Germany, Spain, Colombia

Pointe-Claire, Quebec (companies21) February 3, 2017 - 1010 103, a Montreal, Canada, US and international long distance calling service provider, recently lowered phone rates to call Germany, Spain, and Colombia, among many other countries around the globe.

The international phone rate for calling Germany is just 1.5 cents a minute for landline numbers and 4.5 cents a minute for mobile calls. To call Spain, the lower rates are 1.5 cents per minute for landlines and 1.9 cents a minute for cell phones. The lower phone calling rates to Colombia are 1.9 cents a minute for landline calls and 2.9 cents a minute for mobile calls.

The President of 10 10 103, Alejandro Bitar, said, "1010 103 offers the lowest telephone rates to call friends and family all over the world. Callers don't have to sign a contract and don't need to use a telephone calling cardto get huge savings on all their calls, using 10-10-10-3. Now is a great time for people to try our calling service and save money on all their long distance and international calls, simply by dialing 10 10 103 before the number, and then the call will be added to their regular local phone bill at 1010103's low long distance and international phone rates."

You can visit to get more information about their low calling rates and entire portfolio of local and international long distance services.

About Montreal 10-10-10-3

1010 103 is a Canada, US, and international long distance calling service company headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 10 10 103 provides a 10 10 service which is a long distance service used by consumers on a casual calling basis. This type of long distance service allows the consumer to get amazing long distance rates without having to change their primary local telephone service provider and eliminates the use of a telephone calling card.

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