Airline Ticketing System

Airline Ticketing System has constantly been the biggest bookable section in the travel sector. In India, Airline Tickets are quite effortless to search and book, since the country has a huge network of over 65 airports and many airline operators across the region. In fact, ticket booking is now such an easy task that almost every internet user now uses online ticketing sites to book airline tickets. We provide the services of major domestic and international airlines for leisure trips through our airline ticketing system. As a Travel agent you can compare and book air tickets and make safe amazing deals with the help of our online booking site. Outsourcing is gaining potential and you could refer to it as approach management that sustains global growth. Airline Distribution System helps to serve all airlines worldwide with a cost effective advantage.

We offer extreme services, special offers and best flight deals. Its unique features like transparent pricing, easy comparison and real time info sharing makes Travel your one stop solution. Booking of flights is so easy now through Trawex’s airline ticketing system since you can book domestic or international flights in a blink of an eye without hassle and headache.

The online reservation system is mainly derived from the global distribution system also known as computer reservation system. The online reservation system has its database centrally located which is accessed through an Application Programming Interface. With the invent of online reservation system the traveler and the airline got the freedom to book a seat anywhere at any time. The traveler can book tickets at a click of a mouse saving the time and money. It has also become a bother free transaction for both the airline and the traveler. The online reservation system involves the database, online operator and a database scheduler.

Some of our main features are:

  • Multiple aircraft-type management.
  • Open Date Return and Open Roundtrip reservations with separate sales rules and settings.
  • Agent definition with extremely flexible Allotment, Option Dates and User Access rights settings.
  • Automates Waiting List functionality with easy setup depending on every route policy and needs
  • User friendly pricelist and dynamic pricing definition with numerous pre-set rules.
  • Highly advanced Group reservation management with 5 levels of reservation status.
  • Large selection of reports and statistics.
  • Integration with external interfaces through XML API, EDI-protocols, etc.
  • Possibility of reservation distribution in code sharing with other Companies.
  • Dynamic Packaging with hotels
  • Multiple sales interfaces available: GUI, B2B – B2C - B2B2C and Affiliation, Call Centre, etc.
  • Web-check in interface with easy to use selection of seat planning.