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We are a family owned business who have been serving the city of Birmingham for decades. We promote ourselves being the most qualified and productive roofing contractor in Birmingham. We can provide wide range of roofing services that deal with all areas of residential and commercial task. We have the quality of obtaining a highly skilled team that has consistently prided themselves on being absolutely first class, every single time.

There are two primary divisions with roofing work and we have a dedicated team that will handle your roofing questions. First up is Roof Repair, the fact is that all houses and buildings however well-built will require some roof maintenance or repair. So whether you have a major leak of water or you have a bit of guttering that has come loose. Birmingham Roofers will have it back to working order in no time at all and fix the problem at an affordable and fair price.

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  • Company name: Birmingham Roofers
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Address: Lonsdale House, 52 Blucher Street Birmingham, West Midlands B1 1QU England
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