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Retail is the most successful way of business today. Managing Store Profitibility MSP Systems is a leading company in the U.K catering to small, medium and large businesses to manage their stores, smartly incurring unimaginable profits. Like any other company, MSP has also started at a low level, reaching astounding heights today. MSP Systems is a part of the MSP Group that has been trading in the U.K Retail sector since 1997.


The EPOS Systems are also known as Tills, in Layman terminology. Before, the EPOS Systems were created, businesses worked on manual details written on paper and maintaining those sheets of papers for all the business details was a task in itself. The jobs of retailers has become simpler, now, with the invention of the EPOS Solution. Buying and selling of goods is easier and maintaining records for the same is not as difficult as it used to be.

The EPOS Systems installed in a retailer’s store is a solution to all the EPOS –related problem of a retailer. The advanced EPOS Systems of today consist of a touch screen monitor as a part of display unit, hardware devices such as the barcode scanner, printers, etc. that would be attached with the computer. The number of devices can increase, decrease or change as per the requirement of one’s business. The hardware devices are additional sources that depends on the needs of a retailer. Along with these there are other devices available too such as weighing scales, mobile PDA (Personal Digital Assistance), tablets, customer displays, cash drawers and chip & pin machines.

The electronic point of sale (EPoS) system is also known as Till, which is created specifically for retailers to record the sale of products and services to the customers from their stores. With the use of EPoS, the retailers can perform multiple operations, just by tapping on the buttons. It is the front-end operation of a store that is basically designed to perform multiple transactions, for selling products and taking their business to great heights. Contact us at MSP Systems and we assure you that your complex transactions will be handled with ease, by not only the store-owners, but by the cashiers and others as well!