New level of Blockchain and ICO

Let's be honest! The blockchain technology is a challenging but really potential field that can change the whole humanity. 

Forbes has cited three tendencies following the rise of the blockchain technology:

  1. Through the public sale and distribution of a unique cryptographic token, companies building on blockchain platforms can raise money to fund the development of their growing projects. 
  2. Borderless cryptocurrencies built with blockchain technology allow for the transfer of wealth internationally nearly instantaneously, without the need for a third party to facilitate such actions.
  3. Identity technology can impact any transaction where trusted information was previously needed, forever changing the way businesses collect and use user data.

That is why we created InterScale: a lean and agile technology consulting company with strong profile in Blockchain development, ICO, DApps development, Cloud computing, AI and Data mining, IoT services and advosory, IOTA. The company is specialized in software development at all levels - programming, documenting, testing, bug fixing, as well as research, new development, prototyping and any other software activities. 

With our in-depth expertise we aim at changing the business realm and conquering new technology fields.

The future is today! And we are here to stay.