NOW L-Arginine Has Vast Benefits for Heart Health

NOW L-Arginine


Before delving into the health benefits and uses of NOW L-Arginine, It might be beneficial to better understand where it comes from. L-Arginine is actually one of chemical building blocks which are known as amino acids. This is found in fish, poultry, red meat, and dairy products. However, not everyone consumed these dietary items on a daily basis, and it is also not consumed by vegans and those who have to live on a restricted diet due to medical complications. This is where the various uses of this supplement become apparent.

This is required for the overall wellbeing of heart and blood vessels. It has found to have benefits for the management of conditions like high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, chest pain, congestive heart failure etc.

What Are The Numerous Benefits Of Now L-Arginine?

Given below is a versatile list of conditions and health complications which can benefit from this supplement:

  • This supplement has special benefits for men as it can have positive impacts on male infertility and also help erectile dysfunction.
  • It has benefits in the treatment of age-related cognitive distress and decrease in mental capacity which leads to conditions like dementia.
  • This supplement can be used in enhancing the immune function and help the body in fighting common diseases.
  • This product is a potent supplement for athletes as it helps in enhancing performance and can provide relief from muscle pains which are caused by blocked arteries.
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