Opportunity to publish news or PR articles

It is very important to inform the public and customers constantlyabout your services and products. You create community of your customers by regular addition of articles and at the same time you make up the brand awareness about your products and services. This way you will attract more customers.

Use the opportunity to publish news or PR articles. We will be happy to provide you with space for this.

You will not only attract the portal visitors but thanks to search engine optimization your information appears on the top positions in the search results for example Google or Bing. It also displays on Facebook where these PR articles will be shared. If the article is interesting it will spread very rapidly so you can make a good  impression and captivate the wider public.

If you don´t have enough time or you don´t have a PR article´s writing experience we will be very pleased to help you. We will think up a sellable article for you including the information of your products, services or your activities. Make yourself known and reach to as much customers as you can. 

How to do it?
Send us a message with content you would like to publish on the portal or what your PR article should be about. 
Text, graphic documents and photographs should be sent to: habaj@rivalengine.com

The price for PR article .......... from $20 
The price for the creation of PR article ........ from $50