Small Steam Turbines

Would you like to save some money in your industry budget? Do you care about the environment and future of our children? You could meet all these conditions by using small micro turbine in your industry.

The micro steam turbine is equipment for power and heat generation industry. It is a small rotating reduction, which can be merged with existing system. The turbines are particularly designed to drive generators with following power generation.

3 different kinds of turbine

There are three kinds of small steam turbines. Micro turbine with frequency converter has minimum space requirements during installation. The gearbox is replaced with high-frequency generator and frequency converter.

The other option is turbine with “overhung” impeller. The installation is simple and low-cost and the economic pay off is very quick. The minimum service life is 25 years.  Due to compact design is simple operation and maintenance. The micro turbine with impeller is suitable for generators, feedwater pumps and ventilators.

Finally the last turbine with “between bearings” impeller has the possibility of mechanical and electronic regulation. Because of that these micro turbines suit to drive generators, feedwater pumps, ventilators and sugar-cane mills. The turbine has classic construction with multiple stages of blades.

Industry application

There are plenty of satisfied companies worldwide using steam micro turbines. You can find the industry application for example in Kalisz, Poland. The installed turbine is used in food industry Nestlé, which is a producer of dry soups and dried semi finished products. The payback period of turbine was 1,3 years.  

You can find the steam turbines also in brewery Èerná Hora. The initial investment was 75 000 $ and the payback period was 3,3 years. The other example is Zoo in Olomouc, Czech Republic, where the micro turbine is merged with Biomass Power Plant. The 75 539 $ investment was paid back in 3,7 years.  

The steam turbines are applied also on the other continent of the world for example Solar Power Plant in Australia, Laundry in Scotland, UK, Power Station in Felton, Cuba, or Heating Power Plant in Berlin.

Steam turbine advantages

The micro steam turbines are advantageous because they need only minimal installation size and low costs. Despite their small dimensions, the micro turbines have high heat efficiency in the range of 85% - 93,5%. In average the payback period is short, usually under 5 years. Finally they earn money, in the field where everybody else loose.