Software for companies that rent motor or non-motor vehicles


1.      Car rental

Do you own a car rental company but you do not have a clear overview of each car, its profitability and your clients?

Are you an owner of a car rental company but you do not have an overview of vehicle registration? Do you keep forgetting important things like when to go for a compulsory MOT test, when to pay compulsory car insurance or what technical repairs were done on your cars? If you do not know whether your cars earn you money, you want to calculate your expenses and income, we are here to solve your problems. Our software will assist you with administration and show you important information that are crucial for the running of your car rental company. These data will help you to make the right decision.

2.      Companies that rent motor or non-motor vehicles

If your company rent motor or non-motor vehicles but it does not have a clear overview of them, this software will help you with their administration.

Do you own or rent more cars, motorcycles, lorries or any other type of vehicles but you do not have an overview of their registration? If you do not have complete information about vehicles and you are not able to make right decisions when running your company, we will provide you a complete system for the registration of vehicles, customers, and even the profitability of motor or non-motor vehicles.

3.      Motorcycle hire

Do you hire motorcycles and do you need something that would help you with their registration and successful running of your company?

Do you hire motorcycles but you do not have an overview of them and do not know when to go for a compulsory MOT and when to pay a compulsory insurance? Our software will provide you with all the important data that are crucial for an appropriate record of motorcycles and other vehicles. This software contains all important data about motorcycles, customers, profitability of vehicles and their legal relations.



4.      Registration of vehicles and clients

With the software you will be able to register the complete data, e.g. registration numbers, owner records, car hire records, year of the car´s production, type of bodywork, service costs, income and expenses of cars and many other important information about vehicles.

The system for car rental contains a complete registration of vehicles and clients:

-         car makes

-         year of production

-         mileage

-         fuel consumption

-         type of bodywork

-         transmission

-         vehicle features (equipment and supplements)

-         setting and choice of fuel type

-         voicing and contracts

-         current situation of sales and rental

-         rental programmes

-         calendar of important information

-         financial data – profitability of a particular car as well as of all vehicles

-         a complete record of clients (all important data about clients)

These data are related to a technical condition of vehicles, data about clients, car profitability data, and legal information about vehicles.


5.      Profit-to-sales ratio of vehicles.

Via our software you will be able to see whether your car is profitable or not, i.e. you will get profit-to-sales ratio: income and expenses.

The system contains main financial items that show you whether your vehicles are profitable or not. You will have a clear overview of expenses on a particular car (both monthly and annual expenses), and of rental income (monthly and annual). This system will automatically calculate rate of profitability of vehicles in the particular period of time (day, month, year).

Based on these information you can see whether your car is profitable or not, subsequently you can decide whether you keep the car or you sell it. Your company will have an overview of expenses on particular car (e.g. repairs). Based on that, you will find out which cars are suitable, technically reliable and profitable. In summary, you will learn which cars are the most profitable and which are unprofitable.

Moreover, this software will show you an exact fuel consumption, i.e. which car has got the highest fuel consumption.  Based on this, you realize which kind of drive is the best for your cars: petrol, diesel oil, or electric drive.

6.      Legal relations of vehicles (legal requirements)

With our software you will be able to upload car contracts and insurance policy, insurance event or contracts with other companies.  You will have a complete overview of legal relations.

The module Legal relations shows all contracts connected with a particular car, such as contracts with orderer and renter, contracts with insurance companies. Furthermore, it is possible to enter insurance events and insurance policy of a car.