Sukanto Tanoto – An Entrepreneur of a Lifetime

Mr. Sukanto Tanoto is one of the most eminent personalities in Indonesia, known for invincible entrepreneurship and vision. The pioneer of various industries, Mr. Sukanto Tanoto is the Founder as well as the Chairman of Royal Golden Eagle (RGE) group of resource-based companies. RGE, which was formerly known as RGM, was established in the year 1973. The business of plywood transformed Indonesia from a mere exporter of logs and raw materials to one of the most dependable value-added processors.
With the business based in Medan, Indonesia, Mr. Sukanto Tanoto’s RGE is now a global business platform that employees more than 60,000 people. The company has an asset worth over USD18 billion and manufacturing operations are now taking place in China, Brazil, and the home country, Indonesia. Needless to say, his company aims worldwide sales. With this kind of stupendous growth and the leadership of Mr. Sukanto Tanoto, the company has reached heights of success with each endeavor.
The principal guideline of RGE is based on the Triple Bottom Line approach – People, Planet, and Profit. This very thought makes Mr. Sukanto Tanoto more than just an entrepreneur and he is much touted as a successful and responsible citizen of the country. His company, RGE, primarily focuses on the benefits of the community, country, climate, and customers, which eventually contributes to the growth of the company.
All the companies managed by RGE group operate on the basis of sustainable growth in various operations and sectors. Their goal is to achieve efficient production combined with excellent quality and to ensure energy savings.  Along with that, he also aims for long-term economic success but only in a responsible manner. With an excellent team of human resources led by the management team working synergistically, the RGE group has successfully built a dynamic, global, and multicultural business environment.
Built on strong foundations, the business group founded by Mr. Sukanto Tanoto continues to leverage their resources and skills to consolidate the leading positions in the most amazing markets of the world. With strong and steady corporate governance, RGE believes that reliable corporate governance is the only way to achieve long-term success and sustainability. RGE business groups, though very much a part of the team, operates independently with its holding company and board of directors governing the body. The management supervises the business strategies and operations thoroughly. All business plans emphasize on accountability and objective decision-making. As a result, a higher level of professionalism is ensured and integrity is successfully retained.
As a business group with a vision, RGE aims to become one of the world’s largest, most sustainable, and best managed resourced-based groups. It also focuses on creating value for the country, community, customer, company, and environment.
Mr. Sukanto Tanoto, the visionary, actively participates in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as well as philanthropy. The entire RGE business group maintains a long-term commitment to the social and economic standards of the country, thus being well aware and contributing to the socioeconomic growth and well-being of the country. The business group also collaborates with local villagers to provide them with vocational training, farming skills, and better economic assistance.