Why Do Kids Have Such a Fascination With Dinosaurs?

Most children pass through a dinosaur phase in their childhood. They want to read and grasp everything about them. Their wild names, how they lived, their fossils and the truth that they no longer exist. And usually when they are interested in all this, they turn to play with dinosaur toys as it helps kids study more about them in an engaging way. So the question becomes, why do kids feel such a fascination with these wild beasts that are no longer alive?

Why Do Kids Find Dinosaurs, the Most Lovable Creatures Existed On the Earth?

If someone asks me, I would say that kids are fascinated by dinosaurs because they are much bigger in size. Creatures like the Tyrannosaurus Rex leave an immediate impact on a young child's mind. They see the razor sharp teeth for the first time, the blaring roar and the heavy long tail of the T-Rex in movies like Jurassic park and Godzilla can surprise anyone. They look so unique from anything that the small child has ever seen in the past that they just want to know and learn more about these wild beasts. And soon when they find that the creatures are no longer alive, they aren't truly scared and curiosity can take hold.

Since many of the small kids are so familiar with dinosaurs that they never found them scary. There are so many Dinosaur characters found in books, cartoons, TV, computer games and other sources. Just think about Barney the familiar dinosaur or the Dinosaur Train family. The Flintstones also had a pet dinosaur, although that's a thing of the past now.

These characters are basically characters that act as humans. They are like personifications of humans and do the things that humans can actually do. In most cases (as in cartoons) they do the things that young kids would do and act like young kids. For example in Dinosaur train, they live together in a family and have arguments with their brothers and sisters. So kids usually find them amazing since they look cool. The Dinosaur Train TV show, is a great way to learn about dinosaurs – i.e. How they lived, what they did, where they lived, their food and other various things associated with dinosaurs.

Dinosaur toys bring kids one step closer to these appealing creatures. They allow them to literally walk with these monsters and use their imagination and creativity to engage in several activities and games.

Playing with the toys is a more interesting and engaging way to learn than TV or a book (even though they love TV shows). For kids, this is a great feeling to have something that they can hold and especially when their parents have bought one to gift them on their birthdays.

So it is pretty usual for them to be fascinated by dinosaurs because they are genetically fascinating or even that we, as adults, feel this fascination by introducing dinosaurs in our culture. In other words, not only kids but adults are also equally interested in these wild creatures.